Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Egg Outreach

We just love Life Church in Midlothian.  Our "little" church really does some awesome outreaches. (Little by comparison.  Our last church was nearly 10,000.)  

Saturday we volunteered and played at the Egg hunt.  The weather was beautiful and we all left a little sun burnt. 

This girl was too cool for school.

The red building in the background is our church.  We average over 500 a week and we have definitely outgrown our building.  We are hoping to break ground on the new building very soon. 

Sweet baby Emmery was way too into her eggs to look up.

Hays and Nolan waiting their turn.

She left her sunglasses there for a long time as she sorted her candy.

Notice how she grouped her candy together.  She is  so funny.  
Taylor lucked out because Hays will only eat chocolate.  Evidently in Texas nobody puts chocolate candy in Easter Eggs because it melts.  Tay got all of Hays' candy (Even though she takes a bite and spits it out herself!)

Man, I love these three.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had the best Easter with these two!  
Sunday morning church didn't start until 10am (Can I get an amen. We go to the 8:30 service!)

We started a new tradition of a little scavenger hunt with a yarn maze.  After 3 Easter Egg hunts we were a little tired of that.  

Not sure what lame Easter Bunny gets kids toothbrushes... but the Tristan kids were pumped.
(Nothing like Christmas pajamas on Easter)

Taylor only held her breath to the point of passing out once on Easter AND she didn't bite anyone.  That constitutes a great day.

The maze led to the back patio where baskets were filled with goldfish and animal crackers and only 1 candy bar each.  

Before church I wanted a picture and this is what I got.  

I had to threaten to take away all of their treats and the donut at church.  
After a few potty talk jokes, they came around.

Goodness I love those kids.  When Taylor wasn't born yet I bought that same exact dress.  I just loved it.  She wore it maybe once.  I came across the same dress on a Gymboree sale rack for $7.99.  Yippee!  I had it in the closet for a long time and I remembered it last week.  

Our church service was amazing.  After church we made lunch for a couple of friends.  It was a great weekend...which I am really, really feeling the results of today.  

I hope your Easter was wonderful.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring In Texas (Or We Actually Got Out This Weekend!)

Thankful for feeling better, we decided to get out and enjoy the spring time weather.  The thing that confuses me about Texas weather is from November to May it is WINDY.  Warm enough to enjoy... too windy to go outside.  Nothing is more miserable.  Saturday was one of those incredibly windy days.  Luckily it was warm enough to get out.  

We went to the Ennis Blue Bonnet festival.  Hays was so excited to go to a Blue Bonnet party as he called it. 

Since we live in Texas we had to find Blue Bonnets and take pictures.  
This is actually on the side of the highway.  There were probably 10 other families out taking pictures at the same spot. 

Hello, red hair!  

Sunday we went to church and headed for Dallas to meet Mike and Carrie.  Mike and Carrie both work at KSPR and we spent many, many mornings together.  Carrie has left the morning show to produce the 10pm.  She is going to do AMAZING.  I just love getting to see them and catch up.  They keep me in the know =)  
I sure do miss those two.
Here is Carrie and I in the rain.

Since it rained and rained and rained Sunday morning, our neighborhood Easter egg hunt was cancelled.  By that evening the rain stopped and the sun came up.  We decided to do a last minute hunt with a few kids.  

Last night I went to bed 1.5 earlier than normal.  This was a packed weekend for me and I'm feeling it.  I was just so thankful to get out.  Next weekend looks to be just as busy so I better rest up.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lyme Update: A Few MISERABLE Months

I suppose I am way past due in blogging... and I have a really good reason why.

The past few months have sucked. I never say that word but I feel it adequately describes treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease =)

Let's go way back to October.  I spent many hours at a neurologist having tests ran.  We initially did an hour long EEG that came back abnormal.  That turned into a 3 day, in-home EEG that came back abnormal again.  I spent a full weekend with all of that hooked to my head.  Not a lot of fun.  They had cameras all over my house and even a nighttime camera in my bedroom to watch me sleep.  After that my neurologist wanted me to do an in-hospital 3 day EEG...which we declined.  

I also spent over 3 hours in an MRI tube.  Talk about MISERABLE!  With my MRI we could rule out anything major like tumors or lesions on my brain and spine.  A few minor things showed up like places of arthritis, which I can live with.  

I also did a cognitive test on a computer for an hour and failed that.  Thank you, lyme. 

 When we saw my Dr. she was the rudest human being I have ever met.  I left her office in tears and made the decision to never go back to her. After many thousands and thousands of dollars we know I don't have MS, I do have abnormal activity in the left frontal lobe of my brain, and I also have neoropathy in both feet.  We believe when I'm done with treatment all of this will be treated as well.

In January I started a new antibiotic that kills the spirochete (the lyme bacteria) in its adult stage. I'm pretty sure it nearly killed me in my adult stage.  January and February were horrible.  Just horrible.  I barely left my home and I'm not sure I smiled or laughed the entire 2 months.  BRUTAL. On top of that I got my armpits.... UGH.   

By March the herxing let up little by little.  We took a quick trip to Missouri for spring break and I'm just now getting my energy back 3 weeks later. 

The great news is that some of my symptoms are going away!  I had a great Dr.s appointment this week that made me so hopeful we are in the 3rd quarter of this disease.  In June we should be able to drop off an antibiotic that is used to treat my Bartonella (another tick borne disease).  Any medication we might introduce from here on out shouldn't make me as sick as the amoxicillin did in January!  I like the sound of that.   We are planning a family vacation in December believing I will be feeling so much better by then. My Dr. thought it would be a great idea!  Praise the Lord.  

Since getting sick my white blood count has always been very low.  The low end of normal is 4.0 and mine stays around 4.1.  In December my white blood count was at 4.1 but I was able to continue on treatment.  Amoxicillin is known to drop your white blood count so I was searching for something to bring the count up.  I bought Frankincense essential oils and used them on the bottoms of my feet a couple times a week.  My latest blood work, after 3 months on Amoxicillin, actually showed my white blood count going up (4.2)!!!  Talk about an answer to prayer.  I am a HUGE believer in essential oils.  

The biggest issue right now is that the lyme is attacking my eyes.  I'm having trouble seeing which can be a normal thing for lyme patients.  I'm heading to an ophthalmologist today hoping everything turns up normal!  

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts.  This has been an awful season, but we are so hopeful things make a turn around in the next few months.  The Lord has been faithful providing for our needs every step and we are simply in awe of how this has happened.  

I have so many people message and email and call asking me to talk to a friend or family member that has been sick without any answers!  I talk to probably 5 people a month...some of which go on to get a proper Lyme diagnosis.  Don't hesitate to email me!  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

This spunky little girl turned 2 on March 28th!  We were so excited to celebrate Taylor with her requested "Melmo" party.  

I needed 2 things: easy and cheap.
I think we did both of those things well.

Of course crepe paper and tissue paper from the dollar store. 

Elmo books and cookie monster we already had.

Wal Mart cupcakes.  I cut out card stock stars and put on Sesame Street stickers.  I then hot glued toothpicks onto the back.  Easy.  Cheap. 

These cute, little 2 tiered cakes are $6 at Wal Mart.  

Elmo Easter basket holding Happy's famous cookies. 

Our giveaway bags- goldfish, crayons, stickers and candy from the Pinata.

Elmo balloon can be found at Dollar General! Who would have guessed!

A few months ago I found the plates, napkins, and hats on the clearance isle of Hobby Lobby.  I snatched them up knowing Taylor's love for Sesame Street.

Our neighbors the Walker's came over for our favorite pizza and an Elmo movie.

Thanks to a big storm that moved through right before the party the pinata was moved inside.

Nolan hit it hard enough to knock a few pieces out and then Hays finished the job. The kids loved the Pinata.

It was such a special, low key evening for our Birthday Girl!